Porsche sees good sharing of technologies with Volkswagen, but its engines do not

Since Porsche was fully acquired by the Volkswagen Group things have been changing in their guts. The Cayenne marked the beginning of collaborations in technology and platforms with its parent and with the passage of time technological ties have been strengthened. Evidently, it has meant in considerable savings when the engineer of the house of Stuttgart went to work to develop a new model and as such has resulted in greater profitability of the company.

However, in the quest to save design and development costs you can fall into real aberrations. In the automotive sector, there have been cases of unique models that have seen their aura blur because they have lent themselves to sharing expenses with another brand. Therefore, in Porsche they agree to share technology with the Volkswagen Group, but not in all areas or at any price.

According to Oliver Blume, head of Porsche, the firm are open to collaborating with its parent company to develop new technologies that allow them to improve their cars before the competition. However, he warned that his boxter engines do not touch and therefore do not fall within any technological transfers that can be carried out between the brand and its parent.

These statements have emerged to the heat of rumors that confirmed that the next generation of the Porsche 911 would share the platform with the next generation of the Audi R8. In addition, part of the platform of this 911 would serve to give life to the next Cayman and Boxter reason why the saving in the development and work costs for the engineers of the firm would be more than considerable.

However, Oliver Blume clarified that the use of technology and platforms of their brothers and Volkswagen Audi is subject to what customers demand. He pointed out that if customers detect that the Porsche image is diluted with this practice will have to take other measures as their models are unique and can not match the less elite Audi or Volkswagen


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